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Macrium Site Manager 7

Macrium MultiSite extends the coverage of Site Manager. This platform is a cloud-based solution that will monitor and manage many Macrium Site Manager instances. You can see everything at a glance, with rolled-up reporting, alerts, and an easy to use backup management tool.

What is MultiSite?

Macrium MultiSite is a cloud-based tool, hosted in Azure, that enables companies, MSPs and partners to remotely connect and manage multiple Macrium Site Manager 8 installations.

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Cloud-based for extra flexibility:

Highly scalable backup management tool that combines the power of Macrium Site Manager 8 with ease of access via the Microsoft Azure Cloud MultiSite so it can be accessed anywhere that you need.

Direct Access to Site Manager:

It is very simple and quick to directly connect to a Site Manager instance from within the management console enabling a single point of administration and reporting for all your Site Manager installations. There is no limitation in the number of installations that you can control with MultiSite.

Comprehensive Dashboard:

Includes a comprehensive and customizable dashboard with a library of widgets depending on the needs of the administrator. Provide at a glance view of large numbers of sites and endpoint backups.

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Alerts and Reporting:

Customizable alerts can be configured depending on the needs of the administrator. This facilitates rapid problem identification and resolution.

New design:

We've updated the MultiSite dashboard to make better use of space, look better and fit in with our new design Site Manager and Partner Portal. This includes making it easier to spot alerts which are failing, adding better summary information and improving the appearance of the graphs.

Managed Service Providers

MultiSite is the perfect platform for MSPs, and large companies with multiple sites.

How does it work?

MultiSite uses a secure encrypted connection to Site Manager 8 installations which enables summary reporting at the enterprise level on the status of backups, repositories and licenses, providing a very comprehensive and efficient administration with a single click.

How can I get access to MultiSite?

If you are a registered Partner or Managed Service Provider, you can get access to MultiSite via the Partner Portal.

If you are not, please contact us.