Provide the data protection support your customers need, not what vendors say they need

Macrium for MSPs is designed to enable MSPs to meet the needs of customers with reliable Windows backup software that doesn't compromise on power or simplicity. This makes it easier than ever to build confidence with existing customers and to extend your reputation to find new ones.

If it's important to your customers, it's important to you: and if it's important to you, it's important to us. That's why we've been dedicated to developing a best in class imaging system with exceptional security and reliability. Tied to an easy to use management system, the power of Macrium backup can be easily managed and deployed, configured, and reconfigured as customer needs evolve.

Simple billing

Focus on your clients and customers - stop worrying about managing payments and bills.

Powerful, secure backup

From ransomware protection to rapid recovery, choose Macrium to minimize downtime and protect what matters most to your customers.

Stay in control

Manage backup at scale with Macrium Multi-Site Manager tool to deliver, monitor, and update backup across your entire client base.

Powerful features for reliability, security, and control

Encryption and ransomware protection

With encryption and ransomware protection, Macrium ensures that your customers' data is safe from new and emerging cyber security threats

Rapid recovery and instant virtualization

Minimize downtime for your customers with Macrium's rapid clone and image recovery technologies, and instant virtualization feature, Viboot.

Hardware flexibility

Prevent hardware headaches with Macrium's powerful ReDeploy technology, which makes it easy to restore data to dissimilar hardware.

Simple monitoring

Manage and monitor backup at scale with a single multi tenant management system that gives you control without complexity.

Fast & flexible backups

Configure and schedule full, incremental, differential, and synthetic full backups for your customers with ease.

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Schedule a demo session with our team to find out how the product works and discover how it could fit into your portfolio of solutions for customers.

Try it

Try Macrium for MSPs for yourself at your own pace with a free trial of Macrium Site Manager, Macrium's platform that makes it easy to manage backup at scale.